ENVR 1301.1002 - Daily Log

This file is the daily log for Envr 1301.1002 which meets MW at 2:00 pm.
Wednesday, Match 30
Exam 3 given in class
Monday, MArch 28th
cover chapter 12
Thursday, March 24th
Exam 3, chapters 9-12, available in testing center until 3/31
Wednesday, March 23rd
cover chapter 11
Monday, March 21st
covered chapter 10
Week of March 14-18, Spring Break
Wednesday, March 9th
cover chapter 9
opinion paper
Monday, Match 7th
Exam 2, chapters 5-8, administered in class
Wednesday, March 2nd - Texas Independence Day!
covered chapter 8
exam is in the testing center until Tuesday, 3/8
Monday, February 29th
covered chapter 7
Wednesday, February 24th
covered chapter 6
Monday, February 22nd
covered chapter 5
Wednesday, February 17th
exam given in class, also available at testing center through 2/18
Monday, February 15th
covered exam 1 questions
Wednesday, February 10th
completed chapter 4
Monday, February 8th
completed discussing chapter 3
Wednesday, February 3rd
started discussing chapter 3
Monday, February 1st
discussed chapter 2
Wednesday, January 26th
discussed chapter 1
Monday, January 25
work MES examples
worked MES introduction assignment
presented exam 1 questions assignment
Wednesday, January 20
cover first day handout, syllabus, schedule
cover what is in MES