Physics 1401 - Daily Log

This file is the daily log for Physics 1401
Tuesday, October 1st
went over chapter 6 basic homework
went over chapter 7 basic homework
went over chapter 8 basic homework
went over chapter 6 advanced homework
went over chapter 7 advanced homework
went over chapter 8 advanced homework
Thursday, September 26th
went over chapter 6 worksheet
went over chapter 7 worksheet
went over chapter 8 worksheet
Tuesday, September 24th
did exam 2 individual exam
did exam 2 group exam
Thursday, September 19th
viewed various pd videos on newton's laws
went over chapter 4 conceptual
went over chapter 5 conceptual
reviewed for exam 2
Tuesday, September 17th
went over chapter 5 advanced homework
went over chapter 4 reading worksheet
went over chapter 5 reading worksheet
Thursday, September 12th
went over chapter 4 basic homework
went over chapter 4 advanced homework
went over most of chapter 5 basic homework
gave out chapter 4 and 5 worksheets due Tuesday at start of class
Tuesday, September 10th
took exam 1 both parts
Thursday, September 5th
reviewed chapter 2 conceptual
reviewed chapter 3 conceptual
reviewed exam 1
Tuesday, September 3rd
pd videos on linear projectile motion
basketball toss - projectile motion
graph matching lab
worked some homework from chapter 1
Thursday, August 29th
covered chapter 1 reading worksheet
covered chapter 2 reading worksheet
covered chapter 3 reading worksheet
Tuesday, August 27th
covered first day handout at (pws)
covered syllabus at pws
covered schedule at pws
covered logfile at pws
gave password to homework hints, worksheets, and power points at pws
covered layout of (mp)
showed how the homework was set up at mp
worked through intro to mastering assignment
Monday, July 29th
copied logfile to website
copied first day handout to website
copied schedule to website
Sunday, July 28th
populated mastering physics course shell
created first day handout
Saturday, July 27th
created masteringphysics course shell
Friday, July 26th
created log file
created tentative schedule