Physics 1405 - Daily Log

This file is the daily log for Physics 1405.
Monday, January 27th
worked a few homework examples
explained kinematic equations
viewed hewitt: newton's 1st law
Wednesday, January 22nd
went over test yourself 2
went over test yourself 3
examined uniform motion on an inclined plane
scanned Hewitt liinear motion video
Monday, January 20th
Wednesday, January 15th
uploaded power point presentations to d2l shell
uploaded first day handout to d2l shell
uploaded schedule to d2l shell
Wednesday, January 15th
did basketball toss lab
discussed independence of horizontal vs vertical motion
discussed instantaneous velocity vs average velocity
did various thought exercises
Tuesday, January 14th
queued generation of D2L shell
Monday, January 13th
went over first day information
went over mastering physics inforamtion
went over exam format
introduced motion diagrams
talked about speed, velocity
talked about acceleration
Friday, December 13th
created log file
created tentative schedule
created masteringphysics course shell
populated mastering physics course shell
created first day handout
copied logfile to website
copied first day handout to website
copied schedule to website
updated class index file