Physics 1407 - Daily Log

This file is the daily log for Physics 1407.
Thursday, January 23rd - lab
covered chapter 20 test yourself
covered chapter 21 test yourself
tacoma ridge and ella videos
Thursday, January 23rd
covered logarithms
covered decibels
viewed hewitt vibrations 1 video
Tuesday, January 21st - lab
reviewed 19 test yourself
did experiment on resonances in tubes
Tuesday, January 21st - lecture
finished pd sound videos 2.5 - 3.8
Thursday, January 16th - lab
did lab over springs
did lab over pendula
Thursday, January 16th - lecture
watched and discussted pd sound 1.1 - 2.4 videos
Wednesday, January 15th
uploaded power point presentations to d2l shell
uploaded first day handout to d2l shell
uploaded schedule to d2l shell
Tuesday, January 14th
queued generation of and corrections to D2L shell
Tuesday, January 14th - lab
went over first day information
went over mastering physics inforamtion
went over exam format
Tuesday, January 14th - lecture
went over concepts of waves
Friday, December 13th, 2019
created the daily log file
adjusted the schedule
created and populated masteringphysics course shell
created first day handout
edited index.html