Physics 2426 - Daily Log

This file is the daily log for Physics 2426, Summer 2019.
Monay,,January 27th
viewed physics demonstrations em videos
explained electric field lines
explained relationship between electric field lines and equipotential lines
passed out exam 1 both parts
did lab on ionizing air using whimhurst machines
Wednesday, January 22nd
worked homework from chapter 23
reviewed homework from chapters 21 and 22
Monday, January 20th
Wednesday, January 15th
worked homework problems from chapter 21
worked homework problems from chapter 22
Monday, January 13th
went over introductory material
introduced concepts of electric force and electic field
introduced coulomb's law
introduced gauss' law
introduced how to set up integrals for continuous distribution of charges
Friday, December 13th, 2019
schedule created and verified
logfile created
first day handout verified
mastering course shell created with id=physics2426spring2020 updated
mastering course shell populated
ready to rock and roll!