Shuttle NASA Videos

Shuttle's Toilet Requires Special Training
Mike Massimino helps answer the one question he and other astronauts get asked most often: 'How do you 'go' in space?'

Space Shuttle Documentary (Narrated by William Shatner)
This feature-length documentary looks at the history of the most complex machine ever built. For 30 years, NASA's space shuttle carried humans to and from space, launched amazing observatories, and eventually constructed the next stop on the road to space exploration.

Space Shuttle Era- Astronaut Support Personnel
Astronauts rely on other astronauts on launch day to help them get rady for liftoff and the misison ahead. The helpful cadre are known formally as Astronaut Support Personnel but are called ASPs or Cape Crusaders.

Space Shuttle Era- External Tank and Solid Rocket
The space shuttle relied on an external tank and a pair of solid rocket boosters to get into orbit and carry out its missions.

Space Shuttle Era- Firing Room
The Firing Room at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida is the nerve center for the countdown and launch of a space shuttle.

Space Shuttle Era- Imagery
Imagery is key to safer shuttle launches.

Space Shuttle Era- Landing Sites
NASA has a roster of runways around the globe that could host a shuttle landing.

Space Shuttle Era- Launch Pads
The launch pads for space shuttles don't fly, but they require meticulous care and precision to make a successful mission.

Space Shuttle Era- Main Engines
Producing 500,000 pounds of thrust from a package weighing only 7,500 pounds, the Space Shuttle Main Engines are one of the shining accomplishments of the shuttle program. The success did not come easily, though.

Space Shuttle Era- Orbiter Processing Facility
Space shuttles came home to specialized hangars called orbiter processing facilities where workers cleaned them up and prepped them for their next mission.

STS-135 Launch Tribute
Relive the launch and landing for STS-135, which brought the Space Shuttle Program to a close.

STS-135 Webcast
The STS-135 Webcast looks back on the 30-year Space Shuttle Program's accomplishments and ahead to the goals of the final mission with the crew, past shuttle astronauts and some of the people who made it all possible.